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Motorcycle, ATV & UTV Installation Fresno CA

Our sales and installation team here at 559 Car Stereo & Alarm are experts in motorcycle audio system upgrades. We have the experience, techniques, facility and products to ensure that each and every installation looks great, sounds amazing and will last for decades. Let’s take a look at what makes us the go-to destination for motorcycle audio in Fresno, California and the surrounding area.

Attention to Detail

When working on a motorcycle, we take special care to ensure that each and every electrical connection is electrically secure, mechanically reliable and properly protected. We solder connections and then protected them to ensure they will not corrode over time.

One thing we like to show new clients is our extensive assortment of stainless steel fasteners. We have hundreds of nuts, bolts and screws that won’t rust when used in the harsh conditions that motorcycles can experience. We finish each installation by using our array of test equipment to ensure that source units, interfaces and amplifiers are set to achieve the best possible signal-to-noise ratio and clean distortion-free output.

Quality Products

559 Car Stereo & Alarm has developed a series of simple and effective Motorcycle Audio Upgrade Packages that offer amazing performance and value. The products in these packages have proven themselves to not only sound great but be reliable. Equipment on a motorcycle is exposed to conditions that can vary from very hot to extremely cold, and the chance of rain always has to be considered. Some motorcycles have a lot of vibration, which presents a tough challenge to the electronic components inside their radios and amplifiers. The products we use have been chosen to handle these challenges. 

Our Facility & Services

We do everything we can to make working with 559 Car Stereo & Alarm as simple as we can. If you bring your bike to us on a trailer, we have space to store the trailer while we complete your installation. We offer a courtesy shuttle, so we can take you to work if you drop off your bike at the beginning of the day. Our work area is always clean, and we have a dedicated wood shop, so your vehicle won’t get dusty while we are working. We have lots of room in the installation bay, so our technicians can work comfortably on your motorcycle without having to squeeze around other vehicles.

Upgrade Options

We can handle any upgrade you want for your motorcycle. A lot of clients want to replace their radios with ones that include Bluetooth audio streaming or iPhone and Android smartphone integration for music playback. We are experts at making factory handlebar audio controls work with aftermarket radios. We can work with factory radios as well, in case you want to maintain that “stock look” but with better sound. We are experts at speaker upgrades and the installation of amplifiers. We can add speaker mounts to saddlebag lids or front fairings. We can even add a subwoofer to your motorcycle for the ultimate audio experience. If you are feeling more creative, we can add accent lighting or upgrade the forward lighting with high-powered LED units. 

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559 Car Stereo & Alarm in Fresno California has the very best brands and top customer support for car audio. We have a dedicated and well-trained staff ready and willing to get your car stereo system ready to go. Contact 559 Car Stereo & Alarm and let us equip your vehicle with the latest audio sound on the market! Give 559 Car Stereo & Alarm a call at (559) 515-6020.